Wordpress Monthly Maintenance

Keep your site safe and secure with monthly maintenance.

Wordpress websites are high maintenance. Plugins, themes and Wordpress itself require regular updates, as security flaws are patched up and new additions are added.

These updates can be daunting. Push the wrong button, or update something that isn't setup for your specific server, and your entire website can crash! But if you ignore the updates, your website can be opened up to hackers.

That's why I offer an ongoing monthly maintenance package. I create daily backups of your site, I update your plugins, theme and WP Core regularly, I secure your site from malware, and I monitor your website every minute to ensure your site is quickly fixed if it goes down.

Amy Weinberger

"Russ is by far the most professional, constructive, quick, and positive web designer I have worked with. I’m so pleased I found him - if you need help with a project, no matter how big or small, he is always reliable. Thank you again Russ!"