Russ Clow
UX/UI Designer + Developer
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AI startup

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UX/UI considerations of an AI powered programmer.

UX/UI Designer
1 week
Work included
UX/UI Design, Product Design

Plan an AI system strategy for an exciting startup

The role
Plan, strategise and create concepts for an AI system that worked as colleague for developers.
The challenge
Understand the capabilities of AI, and how it can be utilised for developers in a way that doesn't currently exist.
My work
A full UX exploration of an AI system that worked and acted like a human coder. I performed user research, competitor analysis, user personas, user journeys and behaviour/failure waterfall. I then worked out a minimum viable product (MVP v1) and explored some wireframe + UI options.

Understanding the users

An important part of this project involved considering the users, and how they currently interact with existing AI. I reviewed existing AI systems and interviewed potential users on what they would want to see in an AI system.

User Personas

I put together a small collection of potential users. These fictional depictions of users helped define the strategy. Whilst not being real people, they accurately predicted the type of user of the AI system, along with their goals/needs + behaviours.

User Journey

I considered the potential user journeys whilst using the AI system, thinking about various use-cases such as starting a new project or working within an existing one. The journeys included multiple routes depending on the preferences of the user.

Behavior + Failure Waterfall

I put together a comprehensive behaviour and failure waterfall. Whilst it's impossible to consider all the potential failures, it was important to try to anticipate where the AI system might fail, and how the failure could be solved before it happens.

User Interface

After considering the strategy, I reviewed existing AI UI's, then put together some concepts. I created 2 variations on the AI UI, considering how it would interact - and even animate - with a user.

Standout Moments

  • Full UX strategy
  • Comprehensive behaviour + failure waterfall
  • Wireframes + UI concepts