Russ Clow
UX/UI Designer + Developer
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ameego restaurant scheduling

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Delivering the perfect schedule to all restaurants worldwide

Lead UX/UI Product Designer
Aug 2016 - Apr 2020
Work included
UX/UI Design, Product Design, Front-End Coding, App Design, SaaS Creation

Complex layouts that are easy on the eye & a breeze to use

The role
Redesign the online product to be easier to use and visually more appealing.
The challenge
Users were not tech-savvy, but needed to see large amounts of data quickly and easily.
The solution
I worked in collaboration with a small team of developers to rethink and rework the data-intensive layouts. Alongside visual improvements, I redesigned their main website and helped turn the web app into a full SaaS product. I also created an iOS/android mobile app for on-the-go scheduling.

Complex data in simple layouts

A major challenge with Ameego were the complex layouts; detailed timelines, and content-heavy statistical pages requiring a UX and UI redesign.  I’m particularly proud of my work on the staff timeline page, which displays a full staff members work day, split into various staff categories.  I redesigned the page in a way that would still function as expected, but look cleaner on the eye and easy to understand at a glance.

On-brand product redesign

The majority of my role at Ameego was to help redesign their existing web app.  This incredibly powerful tool was used by 1000’s of restaurant staff members throughout Canada and the United States.  Whilst functioning well, existing pages required a design revamp, as well as UX thinking to ensure the layouts looked great, but also were easy to use for busy, non-techy managers.

Web app turned SaaS product

I was integral in converting part of their web app - which required manual sign-up and onboarding - into a SaaS product, with auto billing and automatic walk-through training. This helped increase their offering and conversions. 

Increased website conversions with a new website

One major project I worked on was the redesign of their existing front-end website.  This site was the first thing that users saw, as well as prospective clients.  It was incredibly important that the design kept to the newly created brand guidelines, whilst showing off the web app in an easy to see way.  It was designed to increase conversions, with confidence-building testimonials scattered throughout.

Mobile app design

Another major project I worked on with Ameego was creating their iOS and Android apps. Using PhoneGap, we worked on bringing the existing web app into the hands of restaurant staff and managers – making daily restaurant scheduling even easier! The app was a long-time request from their users, and quickly became an overnight success.

Standout Moments

  • Full product redesign
  • Creation of SaaS product
  • Creation of mobile app
  • Redesign of main website
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