Russ Clow
UX/UI Designer + Developer
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Mobile-first UX redesign

Freelance UX/UI Designer
2 months
Work included
UX design, Web Design

Customer-focused eCommerce redesign with mobile at the heart

The role
On-brand redesign of the ecommerce site for an award-winning mattress company.
The challenge
Create designs that engage and educate users into wanting to purchase their products over a competitor.
My work
Live site analytics identified a large percentage of site users were viewing on mobile. Therefore, I worked with Rem-Fit to redesign their website for mobile FIRST, before then expanding those designs to desktop. This ensured the site was optimised for mobile and focused on quick, easy, intuitive designs that educated and encouraged users to purchase their pillows and upsold additional extras such as pillows and protectors.

Mobile wasn't an after-thought!

Live site analytics helped us recognise that the majority of Rem-fit's website traffic was on mobile. So we set out to design layouts for mobile before we designed for desktop. This meant that the mobile layouts were not an after-thought, nor were they forced to work with the desktop layout. Rather the designs were created with mobile in mind, and then resized to fit the desktop layout.

Standout Moments

  • Mobile-first website redesign
  • Improved user experience
  • Designs created based on existing user feedback and analytics