Russ Clow
UX/UI Designer + Developer
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Wordpress Management  /  UX/UI

tula skincare

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It's like a smoothie for your skin

WordPress Website Manager
2 years
Work included
UX/UI Design, Backend Coding, WordPress Maintenance

Clean and clear probiotics start-up

The role
Assist in the day-to-day running of TULA's WordPress website.
The challenge
TULA were a fast growing startup, with an expanding product range and an ongoing need for daily site changes.
My work
I worked in collaboration with the sales team on daily site management tasks, including updating and managing their website visuals and product range. I also assisted in keeping the site safe and secure, as well as adding new features and functionality.

Refined user experience

TULA had a very active website with their products being featured on QVC and quickly becoming the talk of social media. I worked with TULA to ensure that their site had an easy, intuitive user experience on all devices.

Standout Moments

  • Monthly plugin updates
  • Creation of new product pages
  • Ongoing UX/UI advice and implementation
  • Setup of site-wide review system